Homegrown Flavours

Taste of Africa Cafe

Bringing the heart of Africa to Eumundi, Celestine & Sue don’t do anything by halves.

If you happen to walk past Taste of Africa Cafe, on Memorial Drive, you will soon realise why this little spot is buzzing.  Wafting out the doors, the smell of Celestine’s authentic African cooking is enough to draw you into their warm & welcoming space.

They have created something truly amazing in the heart of town, inspired by Celestine’s passion for his Biafran culture and their incredible adventures together.

Moving to Eumundi for a healthy and alternative country lifestyle, Taste of Africa opened their doors during Covid.  With a huge leap of faith and a whole lot of hard work, creating an authentic experience for everyone to enjoy has been their top priority, and we are so pleased to have them as part of the Eumundi community.

“The thing we love about Eumundi is the alternative vibe and the spirit of community.

There is so much more to this amazing cafe than the deliciously fresh Vegan and Vegetarian foods & Juices on their menu.  And what is more evident, is the amount of love they have infused into every aspect of their business.  From their home-laid eggs, to the organisations they support, abroad.  Celestine’s cooking is nothing short of unique, fresh and delicious.

An experience you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in Australia.

Their kind and genuine approach is just one of the many reasons we love to stop by.