Jane Welsh Art

Jane Welsh Art

Jane has a beautiful studio in the hills of Verrierdale, where you can view her work by appointment or try one of her clay sculpture courses.

The courses focus on developing a feel for clay, the properties of clay, basics of design, texture, experimental exercises and time to develop your own piece.

Jane Welsh creates art to uplift people’s spirits, to brighten their homes visually and energetically. She celebrates the joy of life with sculptures of people ‘in the joy of living’ with her images of people dancing, or perhaps playing musical instruments. Or the joy in bright colours and rich opulent textures in her abstract paintings.

Jane captures feelings on the faces of her works of art. Her art rejoices in the beauty and wisdom of a face experiencing peace, the childlike playfulness of children playing in carefree abandon on a beach, or the serenity and strength of a pregnant mother with her small child by her side.

Jane’s work epitomises the deep connection between us, our spirit, the animals and birds and all that walk this beautiful planet. Her art is transformational and has the ability to arouse emotions, release energy and brings light and joy to your home or office space.

**The MAGIC OF MUD, 6 week clay sculpture classes for beginners will be available for 5-7 people. The July class runs from Tuesday 18th July to Tuesday 22nd August, and there is a choice of doing the 6 classes from 930-midday or 630-9pm. Visit website to enrol or for more details.


QLD 4562

Tel: +61 (07) 5471 0926
Email: jane@janewelshart.com.au

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