Pennysmudnmetal Doonan Studio

Pennysmudnmetal Doonan Studio

Penny’s studio is situated in the hills high up in Doonan. Several years ago Penny began the transition from clay work to metalsmithing following back surgery and completing her jewellery major at Griffith University. Penny has worked with clay for thirty years, and still keeps her hand in occasionally however she now enjoys creating small objects and jewellery as well as offering monthly workshops to beginners and intermediate students.

Her courses focus on “art jewellery” and she encourages each student to design their own pieces once they feel confident using the traditional jewellery tools.

In a full day workshop, students will learn –
Health and safety in the workshop
Basic metal theory
annealing metal
soldering using gas torch
how to make basic findings
texturing metal using hammers, stamps and rolling mill
simple fold forming techniques
cutting metal using snips, guillotine and jeweller’s saw
disc cutting and dome making using dapping block
drilling, filing and polishing


119 Marnie Crescent
QLD 4562

Tel: +61 (0) 438 518 485

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