Community Connectors

Terri Waller @
Deadly Espresso

The Eumundi area is known for its beautiful rolling hills and lush, green landscape.

People come from far and wide to appreciate the natural magnificence of the surrounding environment, and the buzzing excitement of town.
The people of the Eumundi community are passionate about connection to land and there is no one quite as proactively involved as Terri Waller from Deadly Espresso and SevGen.

Her incredible contribution to country and community is nothing short of awe inspiring.

“Eumundi is a celebration town, a place where we come together and celebrate and connect. We are a community. I love the connection and positivity of the people, working hard to showcase things and perform in a creative way.

“You measure the wellness of a community by its volunteers and there are so many volunteers in this community.”

Follow the amazing work Terri does here.