Kids and School Holidays at Eumundi Markets

Eumundi Kids

Eumundi Markets Offer a Vibrant, Creative & Cultural Playground for Kids!

With fascinating stalls to explore, unusual and exotic treats to devour, live music, and entertaining acts, Eumundi Markets are the perfect cultural and creative day out for kids of all ages! And the fun ramps up a notch during the school holidays, with plenty to keep kids (and adults!) entertained for hours!

The town also has a fascinating museum and pretty shaded play park at its centre and the popular Street Art Trail takes about an hour and is a fantastic way to explore the impressive local art and sculpture while exploring the main sites. 

So, time to read on to discover the perfect family day out and school holiday activities at Eumundi Markets…

A Family-Friendly Adventure Awaits at Eumundi Markets!

Are you on the lookout for a family outing that combines fun, creativity, and culture? Look no further than Eumundi Markets. Our markets are not just a treasure trove of unique stalls to explore; they’re a playground of vibrant experiences that captures children’s imagination from the moment they arrive.

Sumptuous Treats

And let’s not forget about the tucker. Food stalls offer a smorgasbord of delicious options, from ice cream to international cuisine. It’s a chance for kids to tantalize their taste buds with new flavours as well as indulge in the old classics, all served up with originality and Eumundi flair!

A Day Out in Nature

With an outdoor setting surrounded by nature, Eumundi Markets provide a breath of fresh air and a connection to the great outdoors. Dick Caplick Park offers a beautiful, shaded playground right next to the main markets. So, this is the perfect opportunity for kids to explore and learn in a beautiful, natural environment, while you rest your feet under the trees on a relaxing day of the School Holidays at Eumundi Markets.

Eumundi Markets Entertainment
Eumundi Kids
Eumundi Kids

A Diverse Collection of Markets & Precincts

Eumundi may give the impression of being a vast single market, but in reality, it boasts a diverse collection of market and precincts. Each one offers its own unique assortment of stalls, brimming with an array of enticing goods and kids are well catered for throughout! 

Original Eumundi Markets

This is the original market. If you’re on the hunt for something extraordinary, and something crafted with heart, then look no further than The Original Eumundi Markets. Here, you’ll step into a world of limitless creativity, immersed in a treasure trove of original artworks, sculptural wonders, toys, unique homewares, fashion and jewellery crafted by talented local designers. All of this is bound together by the guiding ethos of “make it, bake it, sew it, grow it,” ensuring that every item carries a touch of authenticity and that sustainability is at the heart of many creations.

The Original Eumundi Markets are making big efforts to reduce wastage and plastic usage. They now sell their own branded recyclable & reusable water bottles and there are water stations available for refills every market day. (located near the Railway decking).

You can find all this between the colourful swirling flags on market days – Wednesday and Saturday.

But that’s not all; young food enthusiasts are in for a treat! This is a culinary haven with an eclectic range of savoury and sugary delights to satisfy all taste buds. Irresistible chocolates, delectable cakes, and the timeless charm of old-fashioned lemonade are the go here alongside a vast range of international savoury cuisine. 

What’s great for kids?

There’s plenty of action here over the school holidays, with local artisans lining the terraces area and heaps of kid friendly stalls, including hair braiding, henna tattoos, facepainting, balloon twisting, candle making, toy stalls, roving entertainers and much more!

Kids also get a real education, experiencing local artisans and business owners at work and observing the focus on sustainability and local produce. The vibe and creativity are simply contagious and the range of food on offer is to die for!

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Eumundi Kids
Eumundi Kids
Eumundi Kids

Eumundi Square

Eumundi Square precinct provides a permanent home for 90 operators all conveniently housed under one roof. With an abundance of stalls, this marketplace offers a diverse range of merchandise, from stylish clothing and exquisite tableware to chic design accessories, captivating art and flowers. There are plenty of toy stalls to choose from too!

Market Square has a central square with a great coffee hangout and frequent live music.

In addition to the usual market days, Wednesday and Saturday, Market Square is open on Fridays – when town is a little quieter, parking is easier and the boutiques, museum and Street Art Trail are all on offer.

What’s great for kids?

You’ll find a number of toy stalls, children’s clothing, plus gifts for furry friends and yummy food stalls. The central square is a great place for kids to chillax and watch live music or entertainment. As this area tends to be less busy, it may suit some children better. Friday is a good day to visit to avoid the crowds when the other market areas aren’t open.

Eumundi Square hosts various activities during the school holidays including Friday Fun Events such as treasure hunts, balloon sculptures and doggie fashion shows!

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Eumundi Kids
Eumundi Kids
Eumundi Kids

The Pavilion Eumundi

Discover Eumundi’s Best-Kept Secret: The Eumundi Pavilion. Nestled right on the main street of Eumundi, just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Eumundi Markets, lies a hidden gem waiting to be explored—the Eumundi Pavilion. This welcoming haven provides the perfect escape, where you can leisurely stroll through a collection of charming boutiques, cafes and bars. There’s even an art space, dog salon and a barber here! The Pavilion is also home to Eumundi’s latest fitness hub, the “Wildfire Fitness Studio,” and its most recent addition is the Laneways Market for quirky little stalls – open Saturdays.

What’s great for kids?

Kids can immerse themselves in a world of creativity year round and during the school holidays at Heart Space Creative, where they can unleash their artistic talents through various hands-on activities. The Pavilion is a real oasis and may be a welcome retreat from the hussle bustle of the main markets for some children. 

Opening Times for Eumundi Markets & Precincts

Wednesday Markets: If you’re looking for a mid-week market adventure, the Original Eumundi Markets, Eumundi Square, Parkside Markets, and the Terraces welcome you every Wednesday from 8 am to 2 pm.

Saturday Markets: The weekend buzz at Eumundi is unbeatable. On Saturdays, you can immerse yourself in the Original Eumundi Markets, Eumundi Square and Parkside Markets 7 am to 2 pm.

Friday Market: For a taste of Eumundi’s market charm without the weekend crowds, visit Eumundi Square on Fridays, open from 7.30 am to 2 pm

Throughout the week: The Pavilion Eumundi, Eumundi Museum, shops, galleries, cafes and more are open throughout the week and any time is perfect to explore the Street Art Trail on your phone for a one hour tour of town.

Pro Tip: To ensure you find the best parking spot and make the most of your visit, consider arriving early!

So, gather the family and get ready for a unique day of exploration and excitement during the school holidays at Eumundi Markets.


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