Artisan Craftsman

Lorenzo @
Noosa Artisan

A passionate father & craftsman, creating intricate silver jewellery from up-cycled silverware.

If you have been around the Eumundi Markets for a while, then you might be familiar with the delicate, hand and tool crafted jewellery by Noosa Artisan, Lorenzo.

Fashioning vintage spoons & forks into beautiful rings, necklaces, cuffs & earrings. Made with acute detail, no two pieces are the same. Unique to his craft are the whale tail rings & pendants. Expressing his love for the ocean & passion for preserving the natural world to enjoy for many generations to come.

“Eumundi has an amazing energy, the old trees, the colorful bohemian cafes surrounded with a variety of tastes from all over the globe. It makes everyone slow down and appreciate all the good things in life.”

“Eumundi feels like home to me, not only a workplace but a large extended family. I love all the comradeship. My children have been at Eumundi School for the past 6 years, and each time I hear the school bell ring I wonder what they are up to. That is where Eumundi is Magic for me.”