Shamanic Yin Acupuncture

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This entirely unique and powerful offering is timed perfectly to harness the energy of this powerful Blood Moon eclipse.

Using points that open up meridians in the body that run much deeper than the twelve main meridians that are commonly known. This level of healing connects the areas within us that hold the mystery of the Void; the dark matter that creates life; that creates galaxies.

It opens up the extra channel that runs between the Heart and Womb-space. It is a deeply Yin and restorative transmission.

Even if you are in a male body, you can benefit from these two areas within your body being connected.

Reconnect to your divine feminine, to your power, to your knowing, to everything. Balance the masculine go-go-go driven energies, and RECEIVE.

This is the power of the feminine.

This Acupuncture transmission is being offered in a collective space to access the consciousness of many activated Hearts. This is not community-based acupuncture. This is not regular acupuncture.

This is pure majick.

Open up to the power that lies within. Be activated by the blood moon, full moon lunar eclipse and feel your whole being shake off all that no longer serves you like fleas from your wild wolf’s coat.

Feel your soul howl at this powerful moon.

There is nothing more potent than a being that has their Hearts in alignment with their Womb.

This offering is open for male and female bodies. The invitation is to come and receive the potent medicine of Amy Rhodes, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Medicine Woman, with live with live & enchanting sound by local artist Rachel (arcana).

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