APMA Creations

aboriginal art


Etheridge Street
Eumundi QLD 4562
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0437 617 390

APMA Creations

Art, fabric and beautiful gifts designed by owner and talented Aboriginal artist Merryn Apma.


Each piece of Merryn Apma’s incredible vibrant art tells an Aboriginal Dreamtime story inspired by her culture. ⁠⁠

As a proud Indigenous woman that was stolen from her mother at birth, Merryn has her own thought provoking story to tell. Through her art she hopes to leave a cultural legacy for the next generation, sharing inspiring stories of her people through art.

Apma says she paints to keep her journey alive…

“I paint the strong Aboriginal women from the desert, I paint my countrymen who took care of country for a long time. I also paint the beautiful desert wild bush flowers and the water holes and the beautiful wild bush berries. It just comes out; I never plan what I’m going to paint. It is very much inside me and I’m really proud of where I come from.”

This magic little shop is a must on any visit to Eumundi.

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