How to Shop Sustainably in Eumundi

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Discover the eco-conscious spirit of Eumundi, a community deeply connected to its natural surroundings. 

Eumundi’s residents and business owners are a pretty passionate crowd when it comes to safeguarding Eumundi’s idyllic environment, as is evident in the array of local businesses and initiatives that prioritise the environment, allowing you to shop sustainably in Eumundi. 

Ranging from artisans creating bespoke jewellery out of unwanted silver cutlery or kangaroo hide-offcuts, to potters spinning keep cups and restaurants serving up delicious organic produce, this community’s focus on sustainability is displayed throughout the town and markets. And, of course, it’s always great to know you have supported local businesses with your unique ‘not on the high street’ purchases. 

Read on for our guide to how to shop sustainably in Eumundi…

Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Many Eumundi businesses and market stall holders pride themselves on providing distinctive, handmade gifts that carry a minimal environmental footprint. By choosing gifts from these local businesses, you not only find something unique but also contribute to supporting enterprises that are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment. 

This year, make your gift-giving experience truly meaningful by opting for eco-friendly and locally crafted treasures.

Guide to Eumundi’s eco friendly stalls, shops and facilities

Eumundi Markets

The Eumundi Markets are famous for their diverse range of stalls, including arts, crafts, and locally made products. Look for stalls that explicitly promote eco-friendly or sustainable products. This might include handmade goods, organic products, or items made from recycled materials. The Original Eumundi Markets area, found between the swirling coloured flags, has an abundance of such stalls and supports sustainability with its ethos ‘Make it, Bake it, Sew it, Grow it’.

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Healthy Focus Eco Store
Local and Organic Produce

Look out for market vendors who sell locally sourced and organic fruits, vegetables, and other products. The Parkside Markets are home to a wide range of home produced goodies and the food area of the Original Eumundi Markets has plenty of delicious organic, vegetarian and vegan options on offer, with flavours from across the world. 

On the high street, pop in to the local servo, Eumundi Service Station, where you’ll find a range of locally produced and sourced goods such as fresh macadamias, honey and even locally produced sunscreen! 

You’ll find many restaurants and eateries boast local produce too, including  EATS 1989 who use their profits to support community projects worldwide. Check out the menus to discover a host of enticing flavours from the Sunshine Coast region.

Supporting local farmers can reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation, so opt for local where you can!

Sustainable Fashion

If you’re interested in clothing and accessories, seek out the Eumundi Market’s stalls that focus on sustainable fashion. This may include items made from organic fabrics, recycled materials, or products that support fair trade practices. There is plenty of sustainable fashion around, most of which is promoted as such. If you’re not sure, vendors will be happy to let you know how their garments are sourced. 

Find out more about sustainable fashion in Eumundi

Eumundi & Co
Handmade and Upcycled Goods

Many artisans and craftspeople sell handmade and upcycled items at the markets. These products are often more environmentally friendly than mass-produced alternatives and you’ll find a bounty of creative designs here. Noosa Artisan create awesome jewellery from cutlery and Deccoangel create beautiful earrings from offcuts of kangaroo hide.

Eco Friendly Living Stalls

A number of market stalls sell hundreds of eco-friendly homeware products  such as reusable shopping bags, stainless steel straws, lunch boxes, or other eco-friendly alternatives, all with a focus on helping reduce waste and promoting a healthier environment and lifestyle. Check out Eumundi Square for some good options like Bowerbird Pantry and Healthy Focus Eco Store.

Water Fountains

You’ll find a new water bubbler near to the pink Original Eumundi Markets building at the centre of the markets (near the food stalls). Fill up your own water bottle here or purchase a sustainable water bottle from the OEM stand and keep refilling to reduce plastic waste.

Keep Cups

Pottery for the Planet on the main street is all about sustainability. Through beautiful, unique designs and high-quality, handmade products, they aim to inspire a new consumer culture that values made to last over made to be landfilled.

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Ask Vendors

If you’re unsure about the eco-friendliness of a product or stall, don’t hesitate to ask the vendors about their sourcing and production practices. Many sellers are proud to share information about their commitment to sustainability.

Check out our full Guide to Eumundi’s Eco-Friendly Businesses and facilities here.
Enjoy shopping local and discovering a world of unique environmentally friendly goods in Eumundi!

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