The Best Town for Lovers of Fine Coffee

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Discover the Best Town for Lovers of Fine Coffee…

You don’t need to travel far to experience some of the best coffee around.

For the bean connoisseurs out there, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that Eumundi is overflowing with amazing coffee. (Pardon the pun).

There are some very fresh new places & revamped favourites that have recently opened their doors to serve you the very best brews on the Sunshine Coast. With 2 separate roastaries, and so many quality cafes to sip your way through, the bean scene here is worth the drive alone. Here are some of our favourites;

Warm & Friendly as Ever

Welcome back Humdrum Espresso!

Well worth the wait, these guys are back and bringing you more, in their beautiful new space…. find them either next to the Imperial or at the old spot (after refurbishments), next to Dick Caplick Park. With a rebuild, a revamp, a relaxing outdoor area and some delicious food, the folk at Humdrum are serving up delicious PADRE coffee with the same warm & friendly service you’re accustomed to… only better.

Eumundi Coffee
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eumundi coffee

A Little Bit Querky

Eumundi Coffee Co. have recently made a home for themselves on Memorial Drive and we are obsessed with the fit out.  If you know these guys, you will know they have been roasting some heart warming flavours for years and have now opened a brand new space to serve up.  Think vintage, eclectic, cosy and a little bit quirky, a little bit classic.  But don’t go by our word.  Pop in and make up your own mind.

Diversifying Flavours

And of course there’s our friend’s over at Flying West Roasters.

Diversifying flavours at their roastery and bringing you some of the best coffee in the area. Pop into the Bunker on your way to Eumundi & see them in action, or grab a takeaway at one of their Eumundi Market stalls. All of their staff are well trained in the art of coffee and no matter which spot you choose to indulge in, you will enjoy the same quality. Consistency is key in the coffee game, and it’s no wonder they have so many loyal regulars.

And while you’re there, you’ll find Eumundi Coffee (not to be mistaken for Eumundi Coffee Co) where you can take home your very own beans and has been a proud local market cafe since 2011. Award winning deliciousness.

Of course, these aren’t the only makers of fine coffee in the Eumundi area, so if you want to claim your favourite, then make a weekend of it and get sipping!

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