10 Things to do in Eumundi on Non Market Days

things to do on non maket days in eumundi

Discover why the fascinating and vibrant hinterland village of Eumundi should be top of the list for your visit to the Sunshine Coast, every day of the week!

Idyllic Eumundi village is a vibrant community set amongst the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland, just twenty minutes inland from Noosa and ninety minutes from Brisbane. The whole place is bursting with arty character, offering unique and inspired places to shop, dine, drink, and dance the night away in a beautiful natural environment throughout the week. So, we were hard-pushed to list only 10 things to do in Eumundi on non market days.

What’s more, some very exciting new enterprises are set to boost the popularity of Eumundi in 2024, including the recently opened boutique eatery Bella 101 and the extensive new bar, distillery, and eatery by Matso’s Sunshine Coast, which has breathed new life into Eumundi’s iconic pub Joe’s Waterhole.

Read on to discover an array of things to do in Eumundi in our Guide to What’s on in Eumundi on Non-Market Days.

1. Sample local brews in the recently reopened Matso’s Sunshine Coast

In December 2023, Matso’s Sunshine Coast proudly opened its doors, bringing the unique essence of Matso’s original home in Broome to our oldest pub Joe’s Waterhole. The renovation has preserved the rich heritage of the pub and traditional wooden facade, yet there’s no denying the Matso’s charm.

The entire Matso’s beer range, from Matso’s Ginger Beer to the tropical Matso’s Mango Beer, is brewed on-site and they also offer a rotating selection of limited-release and seasonal brews, ensuring there’s always something new and exciting to discover on tap.

The food menu celebrates local ingredients, reflecting the diverse and vibrant Sunshine Coast culinary scene and the seating is varied, including the bustling main bar, the stylish restaurant, the laid-back beer garden, and the entertaining pool room. 

This really is a place for everyone, whether you’re enjoying a casual drink with friends, having a family meal, or stopping by as a local or tourist you’ll find a warm and welcoming atmosphere here. 

2. Devour delicious local cuisine amongst lush green gardens

Eumundi’s restaurants and eateries offer fine locally sourced cuisine in some pretty stunning locations. Outside town, you’ll find Alfresco’s Garden Cafe serving up some of the most wholesome fare around. This place is ideal for a healthy breakfast or lunch served under the trees. Alfresco’s often have live music and pooches are welcome too.

In town, Eumundi’s newest eatery Bella 101 invites you to experience a laid-back, modern Australian dining atmosphere. More than just a restaurant, it’s a haven for coffee and wine enthusiasts alike. Here they celebrate fresh, locally sourced produce, complemented by the rich flavors of specialty Padre Coffee served up amongst beautiful plants. 

Eumundi Coffee Roasters
Berkelouw Books Eumundi
Eumundi Street Art Trail

3. Take time to sip freshly roasted coffee in great company

Eumundi Coffee Roasters is a favorite with locals and visitors alike. Here they use their passionate creativity to serve up hot beverages with a unique flair.  The place oozes originality, with an arty decor and sumptuous cakes and delicacies. The staff are just awesome, so it’s a great place to relax in great company.

Berkelouw Cafe & Bookshop are a much-loved part of the Eumundi community; donating to local charities and schools, as well as being the perfect shopping destination for bibliophiles and gift givers and providing one of the best places in town to idle a while over an aromatic coffee and a great read. Look out for events, talks and book signings, there’s always plenty going on around here!

4. Explore keys sites of town on the Eumundi Street Art Trail

Eumundi is proudly known as the Creative Heart of the Sunshine Coast with its’ artistic passion gracing art studios and galleries and spilling into the streets, infusing countless nooks and crannies with vibrancy and colour.

Wander through Eumundi, and you’ll discover art in a myriad forms, transforming the town into a canvas of self-expression. From eye-catching street art to captivating murals, sculptures, and intriguing installations, creativity knows no bounds here. Art unexpectedly unfolds in alleyways, adorns shop walls and invites you inside cosy cafes and bars. You’ll even find artwork in the most unexpected spots – like the bins! Time to venture out to the Eumundi Street Art Trail.

Eumundi Museum
Eumundi Conservation Park
Pottery for the Planet

5. Uncover Eumundi’s unique story at Eumundi Museum

Nestled at the heart of Eumundi, the Eumundi Museum stands as a proud guardian of the town’s vibrant history, housed within the recently rejuvenated wooden Methodist Church. Renowned as one of the most picturesque museums on the Sunshine Coast, this essential part of the Eumundi Experience reopened its doors in May 2022 after undergoing a meticulous renovation.

The museum’s collection boasts a treasure trove of historical artifacts, telling the compelling story of Eumundi from its indigenous roots through various themes such as Indigenous history, early settlers, the timber industry, farming, healthcare, transportation, military history, natural history, and the iconic markets.

A poignant acknowledgment is made to the traditional custodians of Eumundi, the Kabi Kabi, who have shaped the land for countless millennia, reflecting a deep and enduring connection to this region.

6. Take a Stroll under the shady canape at Eumundi Conservation Park

Eumundi Conservation Park offers visitors a tranquil retreat into nature. It’s a haven for those seeking to explore the region’s diverse ecosystems and natural beauty. With well-maintained walking trails, the park provides an opportunity for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers to immerse themselves in the Australian bushland.

As you venture through the park, you’ll encounter a variety of native flora and fauna, creating a rich tapestry of biodiversity. The walking trails wind through different landscapes, including open woodlands and dense forests, offering a chance to observe the region’s unique plant and animal life.  Birdwatchers, in particular, will appreciate the abundance of bird species that inhabit the area.

Eumundi & co
Salon Eumundi
Pearls for Girls Aus

7. Wander down the pretty main street boutique shopping for unique treasures

Eumundi’s pretty main street is lined with great boutiques and unique places to shop, showcasing the creative and artisanal spirit of the town. You’ll find that shopping is a real pleasure here and meet shop owners who are passionate about their stock and often environmentally conscious.

Pottery for the Planet produce a fine range of eco-friendly tableware and gifts and a few doors away Eumundi & Co sell awesome local blooms and a wide range of local goodies and stylish clothing.

Pearls for Girls is worth checking out if you’re looking for unique, locally crafted jewellery and Eumundi Style has an extensive range of clothing in beautiful materials and great designs.

8. Get ahead with a new Eumundi hair style 

Salon Eumundi offers a unique boutique experience nestled in expansive and serene surroundings in a beautiful old heritage building.

 The salon is more than just a place for beauty treatments; it’s a sanctuary where everyone is warmly welcomed. Your visit will be more than just a beauty appointment – well-being is a priority and your experience will be tailored to suit you. All you need do is take time out to sit and enjoy your personalised beauty experience in a tranquil space designed for your utmost comfort and pleasure.

Wildfire Fitness Australia
Imperial Hotel Eumundi
Bella 101 Eumundi

9. Focus on your wellbeing at Wildfire Fitness

Wildfire Fitness offers a holistic approach to health and wellness through its diverse range of offerings – Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, and an Infrared Hot Room. They aim to focus on celebrating the beauty of every body!

Their mission is to craft a warm and inviting environment where individuals of all backgrounds feel not only welcome but empowered to enhance their health and well-being through movement. There’s a real focus on exercise being a gratifying experience, not a chore. 

 Whether you’re drawn to the serenity of yoga, the core-strengthening benefits of Pilates, invigorating fitness sessions, or the detoxifying embrace of our Infrared Hot Room, Wildfire Fitness is dedicated to providing a safe space where your well-being takes centre stage. 

10. Watch live performers at the famous Imperial Hotel

The famous Imperial Hotel in Eumundi reckons it is the home of live music, and we couldn’t agree more! The Imperial Hotel is dedicated to hosting and supporting live original music and attracts some big names from all over Australia and beyond, as well as offering acoustic sets in the beer garden throughout the weekend.

If you like live music served up in a cool hinterland setting, The Imperial Hotel is a must.


Whatever floats your boat, you’ll find much more than 10 Things to do in Eumundi on Non Market Days.


Find out more about how to spend every day of the week in Eumundi.

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