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Experience Eumundi’s Creative Heart


Experience Eumundi’s Creative Heart 

If the Sunshine Coast is the Creative Heart of Queensland, then Eumundi sits at its very core. Read on to experience Eumundi’s creative heart…

Our colourful village, community and markets are a Mecca for artists of every kind with Eumundi’s passion for the arts evident from the minute you arrive. 

From the impressive murals to the imaginatively designed stalls and galleries and the thriving live music scene, the creative juices are overflowing here. It’s no wonder when you consider our perfect location, nestled in the lush green Sunshine Coast hinterland only minutes from the stunning coastline.  This is Kabi Kabi Country, a place that inspires creative minds and begs you to return to experience the Eumundi vibe time and again.

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Eumundi’s Street Art and Art Spaces

As you wander around the town, you’ll be impressed by the amount of art that lines the streets. So much so that even the bins in Eumundi are adorned with beautiful pictures worth seeking out. Other works of art can be glimpsed in alleyways, on walls and doors and in the pop up micro-galleries. You’ll need to pay attention so you don’t miss anything. Time to Experience Eumundi’s creative heart…


Art hunting is a great activity to do with kids. The Eumundi Street Art Trail will help you plan your route…

Eumundi’s Street Art Trail is well worth a look and a great free of charge afternoon activity (after the markets and lunch!). You’ll get to see other parts of town that are often overlooked if you simply visit the market – and you never know who you might see at work along the way. Please note that installations are forever evolving and changes are currently being made to the trail.

Many of the cafes, bars and restaurants are imaginatively designed by Eumundi creatives and home to interesting works of art and artefacts that add a certain personality to the space. Micro-galleries can be found dotted around and often spring up in unlikely locations. Check out the hairdresser Sass & Soul and The Imperial Hotel for a start. You never know what you might find!

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Eumundi Markets

Of course, our markets are famous for their artisan stalls and you’ll find talented local artists, craftspeople, musicians and performers throughout. Artists from all over the region come here to sell their work and entertain and stalls sell handcrafted gems that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Eumundi markets are considered to be the largest artisan markets in the southern hemisphere, attracting around 1.2 million visitors each year!

Eumundi’s Art Galleries

Eumundi is home to an impressive range of galleries and workshops. The quality and talent is first class. All tastes are catered for and many artists will create bespoke pieces on request. Here’s the low down on Eumundi’s exceptional permanent galleries…

Jane Welsh Art

Jane Welsh Art art aims to uplift the spirit and brighten the home. Her impressive sculptures and brightly coloured paintings celebrate the ‘joy of living’. Jane’s beautiful studio is located in the hills just outside Eumundi. Why not call to book a viewing or try out one of her inspirational workshops?

David Suters TimbercraftsMan

Timbercraftsman David Suters is a local timber craftsman who works in harmony with nature, drawing inspiration from the earthly beauty of natural timber. His awe-inspiring gallery is a must-see when visiting Eumundi. Timbercraftsman Gallery is open Wednesdays and Saturdays. Outside opening times, call the gallery for group bookings and private consultations by appointment.

Apma Creations

Talented Aboriginal artist Merryn Apma designs artwork, fabric and beautiful gifts, all telling an Aboriginal Dreamtime story inspired by her culture. ⁠⁠The thought-provoking designs will add colour to any home and Apma is always keen to tell the stories of her Apma Creations designs, bringing the artwork to life.

House of Local Art HOLA

Recently opened boutique accommodation, HOLA,  celebrates the talents of local artists, craftspeople, makers and designers with 45 individual paintings, more than 100 individual ceramic pieces and 12 sculptures from our talented creatives on the Sunshine Coast. Each room is uniquely designed and acts as a micro-gallery, displaying the work of local artists and artisans.

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Noosa Open Studios – Eumundi

Just twenty minutes from Noosa, Eumundi’s local artists and craftspeople are increasingly popular with the annual Noosa Open Studios Art Trail, which now showcases over 100 artists each year. The talent is rich and diverse and many workshops are set in idyllic hinterland surroundings, attracting hundreds of visitors from far and wide.

See full list of Eumundi’s 2022 Open Studios at foot.

Live Music

Eumundi is renowned for its impressive live music and events. The iconic Imperial Hotel is a hub for live bands, attracting some of the best artists as well as showcasing newcomers to the scene. Annual events draw in the crowds and include the quirky Offbeat Music Festival in March. The Imperial Hotel also plays host to frequent live music events in the local park.

Just along the street, Joe’s Waterhole is also well known for live music at the weekend as well as other events. There are big plans to refurbish this historic venue and create substantial alfresco and garden areas. This is worth looking out for.

More low-key events are held in and outside bars and restaurants and the markets take place to a backdrop of live music, featuring both local and international talent and creating the vibe that Eumundi is so famous for.

Sunshine Sounds Festival happens in July and Eumundi School of Rock often plays at local venues, showcasing the young talent of the future.

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The Future of Arts Culture in Eumundi

Today Eumundi is famed the world over for its creativity and its quirky high street, markets and live music scene attract visitors from every corner of the globe. The vision for the future is for mindful and sustainable growth of commercial and community arts initiatives. Exciting new events are being planned, new venues are under development and the artisan markets are thriving. 

In addition, the passionate local arts community has big plans to revitalise non commercial arts initiatives, creating shared spaces for creative minds and opportunity for young and developing artists of the future. So Eumundi is well on track to retain its central position within the Creative Heart of the Sunshine Coast.

Open Houses Art Trail October 2022 – Eumundi Exhibitors


Potter/ Ceramicists/ Sculpter: Fiona Cuthbert O’Meara – Naturemuse  & Dennis Forshaw 

Jewellery Artist: Anne Everigham 

Painter: Bronwyn Barton  & Fiona Groom 

Photographer/ Painter: Jan Murphy

Illustrator/ Painter: Dale Leach 

Mixed Media Artists: Beatrice Prost Jan Dunlop