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Artists, Artisans & Art of Eumundi

Eumundi is known as the Creative Heart of the Sunshine Coast, attracting artistic talent from throughout and beyond Australia. The open-minded community, friendly vibe and picturesque hinterland setting seem to inspire creativity, and Eumundi’s iconic markets have enabled budding artists and artisans to showcase their Eumundi art and crafts to a vast international crowd for decades.

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Betsie - Imperial Hotel Eumundi
eumundi street art video
Jane Welsh Art

A Living Canvas!

When you visit Eumundi, you’ll find a town transformed into a living canvas, with art around every corner and in the most unlikely places! Huge murals grace the walls and the shops, galleries and bars have the most impressive and unique interior designs, as well as offering an amazing array of art and handcrafted goods. Even the centrally located boutique accommodation HOLA and the iconic heritage Imperial Hotel are awash with an incredible range of locally sourced art. The hotel is the refreshing end point for the impressive Eumundi Street Art Trail.

Whatever your taste in creative arts, Eumundi is sure to have something to grab your attention. 

Here, some of our diverse range of local artists and artisans share their colourful art stories and uncover how Eumundi has been at the core of their creativity…

Rene McGovern

“Creating beauty from ashes through all forms of art”.

Rene’s colourful murals can be found throughout town and particularly in our iconic heritage pub, The Imperial Hotel, where many walls are adorned with her art. Even the toilet doors are decorated with colourful designs by Rene! 

Take a walk outside the front of the pub to the street and you’ll find Betsie Piano, also painted by Rene. Everyone’s invited to tinkle on Betsie’s  ivories as they pass by, and they certainly do! This street art brings music to everyone’s ears!

Rene’s work can also be found in the beautiful new accommodation in the town, HOLA (House of Local Art), alongside other artwork and hand-crafted pieces from an impressive range of local artists and artisans.

Rene raised her kids in Eumundi and loves the quirkiness of the village and cool arty vibes.

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Jane Welsh Art

In the early 2000s, Jane lived in Brisbane and was yearning for the countryside, lush green rolling hills and creative vibes. She heard that artists were doing well at the Eumundi Markets, so took the plunge and moved up to Gheerulla, west of Eumundi.

Jane is a self taught artist (with a science background) and saw the Eumundi Markets as a chance to do a kind of  apprenticeship as a professional artist (albeit self employed!). 

Jane started painting beach portraits of families as well as creative abstracts, nudes and other works. 

“I loved the feeling of being a full time artist, living on acreage on the outskirts of Eumundi and the bustling creative vibe of the Eumundi Markets each weekend. As soon as I landed in the area it felt like home”, she says. 

Jane went on to marry and raise her family in Eumundi, with her children attending Eumundi State School. They built a studio at home and Jane sold her art online and in galleries. She remains forever grateful of the foot up that the Eumundi Markets gave her when she started out, 

“I’ll always be grateful for the Eumundi Markets that enabled me to launch and test my creations and establish myself as an artist. I love this beautiful community of down to earth, easy going and creative people”.

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Merryn Apma Daley – Apma Creations

Merryn owns a shop on Eumundi’s main street which is literally bursting with colour and incredible Aboriginal artwork, each piece telling an Aboriginal Dreamtime story inspired by Merryn’s Aboriginal culture. ⁠⁠

Merryn’s story is truly both devastating and thought-provoking. Having been taken from her mother at birth, Merryn is part of ‘The Stolen Generation’ – a period in Australia’s history where Aboriginal children were removed from their families through government policies.

A word from Merryn about her art…

“Through painting my journey is kept alive. My art honours my people, my community and the strong women who have taken care of our country for over 50,000 years. It shows how far my people have come and how resilient we are.

I capture the beautiful country that runs through my veins. The deserts, the flowers, the water holes, and the people”.

Through sharing of inspiring stories of her people and places through art, Merryn aims to leave a cultural legacy for the next generation and give them hope for the future.

Merryn’s people are from Arrernte Country, west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory. She moved to the Sunshine Coast to be with her partner and loves the energy and creativity of the region.

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noosa artisan
apma creations eumundi
eumundi street art

Timbercraftsman David Suters

Local artisan creating inspired works of art from natural timber. 

Well known local Timbercraftsman David Suters works in harmony with nature, taking inspiration from the unique beauty of each piece of wood, ensuring no two works are the same.

David has been creating bespoke furniture and woodworks since he left school to undertake an apprenticeship aged seventeen. David explains why he chose Eumundi as a base for his workshop and business…

“The attraction was the creative culture, the people and the strong timber heritage from the logging days. There used to be numerous woodworkers living here, so it feels like a natural base for me”.

David uses various techniques to craft his works and aims to source timber sustainably, often using salvaged pieces and ensuring nothing goes to waste. His work includes furniture, timber art, and sculpture. The Timbercraftsman gallery also displays work from emerging and established guest artisans from across Australia, so it’s well worth visiting again and again.

The Gallery is currently open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, as well as offering private consultations by appointment.

David’s gallery, showroom and studio is at 43 Caplick Way, Eumundi

Find out more about Timbercraftsman David Suters

Noosa Artisan

Lorenzo is famed at the Original Eumundi Markets for his incredible hand crafted jewellery made from vintage cutlery. He was born in Albania and grew up in Italy before moving to Australia on a student visa to improve his English.

Lorenzo redesigns vintage spoons & forks into beautiful rings, necklaces, cuffs & earrings, with no two pieces the same. He loves the Sunshine Coast and the ocean which inspires his ‘whale’ pendants and passion for recycling. Most mornings, you’ll find Lorenzo taking an ocean swim or going for a surf. “It’s the best way to start the day,” he says.

As for the markets, Lorenzo loves the fact that he rubs shoulders with artists from all over the world and the vibrancy and diversity here. “I love being at the markets. It’s like being on a film set!” he says.

Thinking to the future, Lorenzo loves to see young and budding artists emerging at the markets and feels there is plenty of talent out there to ensure a thriving Eumundi art scene in the future. “Let’s harness all that talent!” he says.

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alicia murphy Eumundi
david suter timbercraftsman
Vanessa Porter - Pepi Wren

Alicia Murphy

Small batch ceramic artist, creating unique handmade sculptures and garden art

Alicia is a local girl who had an idyllic childhood growing up amongst horses and nature in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. After graduating from the Queensland College of Art in 1992,  she embarked on a voyage of exploration, self discovery and art. 

“I wanted to visit not only the paintings but explore the lives of all the great artists of the world and understand what had inspired them and forged their style. So I visited most of the galleries of Europe, following a trail of famous artists from the impressionists , to the romantics and abstract European art history.

Alicia went on to live in Rome, Eastern Europe and Mexico (the home of Freda Carlo). She painted murals in New York, eventually founding her own art gallery in Brighton, England, where she rubbed shoulders with celebrities and famous artists.

Fond memories of her horse-filled childhood, and an unwavering desire to have children of her own, drove Alicia back to Australia and Eumundi, where she now lives with her family.

Today Alicia focuses on mixed media art, crossing over from painter and printmaker to sculpting in clay, which she adores. She also has a passion for art therapy. 

Today Alicia is one of the top selling artists on the Sunshine Coast. When you meet her, you will see that she oozes excitement for each piece she creates. 

“It’s a true privilege to be an artist and have people take something from your work”, she says.

Find out more about Alicia Murphy 

Mel Lumb

Mel is a very well regarded ceramic artist who breeds mini Dexter cows too! She crafts textural stoneware and porcelain ceramics, creating unique and limited series pieces . Mel’s handmade creations blend decorative charm with practical functionality, adding a touch of earthy elegance to any home!

Find out more about Mel Lumb

Vanessa Porter

Creator and designer of Pepi Wren Original Artworks, Vanessa’s journey into art began in her twenties when she was living in Sydney. She is the creative talent behind Pepi Wren and produces enchanting and whimsical art.

Find out more about Pepi Wren

Heart Space Creative

Heart Space Creative is a welcoming family friendly arts space at The Pavillion in Eumundi hosting weekly artist residencies, art workshops and exhibitions where creative expression and collaboration with local artists is fostered and celebrated!

Find out more about Heart Space Creative


Amy Clarke

Amy Clarke’s abstract paintings are closely connected to the landscape. She sees painting as ‘part play’ where she can tap into childhood memories of making and playing in the Australian bush. Her work can be found in collections around Australia including the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.

Amy has exhibited around the country in solo and group shows including Michael Reid Northern Beaches, AK Bellinger Gallery, Depot Gallery in Sydney, Noosa Regional Gallery, University of Sunshine Coast Art Gallery and Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery. She received a Commended in the Norvill Prize (2011/2012) and was a finalist in the Lethbridge 10 000 Art Prize (2013) and Redland Art Prize (2012).

Amy offers private classes for anyone who is keen for some dedicated one on one time and the opportunity to delve deeper into painting to find their unique visual language.

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Mel Lumb Eumundi
HOLA Eumundi
Heart Space Creative

Eumundi Street Art Trail

A great place to start exploring art in Eumundi is the Eumundi Street Art Trail which will guide you through some of the town’s finest masterpieces, whilst giving you a good tour of the main areas of the village – finishing off for refreshments at the iconic and arty Imperial Hotel. Go to the web page and set off on your colourful journey of discovery. 

Discover the Eumundi Street Art Trail

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List of Eumundi Artists – October 2023

Many of Eumundi’s artists are based at their home or workshop, showcasing their work online or during events such as Noosa Open Studios – Queensland’s largest open studios art event. 

Andrew Hillhouse – Painter

Anne Everingham – Jewellery Artist

Bronwyn Barton (Doonan) Painter

Cheryl McGannon (Doonan), Mixed Media Artist

Dale Leach – Painter, Printer

David Correrill, (Doonan) Sculptor

Dennis Forshaw (Doonan) Ceramicist

David Frith, Jeweller

Fiona Cuthbert O’Meara (Doonan) Ceramicist, Sculptor

Fiona Groon, Painter

Fiona Macculoch – mixed

Jane Welsh Art

Jan Dunlop (Doonan) Mixed Media Artist

Jan Murphy (Doonan) Painter, Photographer, Printmaker

Jaqueline Weening, Painter

Julia Vail (Doonan) Ceramicist

Kay Wright (Wyeba Downs) Ceramicist, Painter

Kerry Norman (Eumundi) Mixed Media Artist, Sculptor

Linda A Evans (Doonan) Painter

Lisa Jones (Eumundi) Painter

Margie Gibson (Doonan) Ceramacist, Painter, Sculptor

Mel Lumb, Ceramisist

Myrtle, Jewellery

Pan Pottery (Angus McDiarmid) (Weyba Downs) Ceramicist

Paulus Koaij, Illustrator, Painter


Pearls for Girls

Penny McIntyre (Doonan) Jewellery Artist, Mixed Media Sculptor (previously as Penny’s Mud and Metal)

Robyn Moon (Doonan) Painter

Syren’s Spell, Sculpter

Terri Trivett, (Doonan) Mixed Media Artist, Painter

Tracey Lee, Textiles

Ursuala Braun, Spiritual Healing

Discover Noosa Open Studios

Creative Dance in Eumundi

Templeton Dance Studio

Templeton Dance Studio consider themselves to be the home of ballroom dancing on the Sunshine Coast! This is the region’s longest-running ballroom dancing centre, born from a deep love of dancing and a strong belief in the profound connections it fosters among enthusiastic dancers.

Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, they offer a warm and inviting space where you can explore the art and joy of ballroom dancing.

Find out more about Templeton Dance Studio


Bellydancers hold themselves in their centre, in their belly. It is here that creation happens, and when one has an awareness of their belly, they can move with alignment, grace, strength and wisdom. Embellyment is being embodied in the centre of creation and letting movements be birthed and expressed from this womb like space. For we are all dancers. We are all creators.

Find out more about Embellyment


This list of artists and artisans is by no means all inclusive and we are always keen to hear artist’s stories and highlight new and emerging talent in the Creative Heart of the Sunshine Coast.

If you have a Eumundi art story to share or would like to be included on this page, please contact us at . We would love to hear from you!

Noosa Open Studios Art TrailLink to Open Houses Art Trail Guide 6-15 Oct 2023

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